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All rebuilds carry a one year warranty against any defective installed parts. In shop time is from 3 to 5 days.

Please read carefully: the prices quoted assume that your amp is actually rebuildable. Not included in the prices listed below are missing or broken parts, bad transformers or tubes. If your amp has been worked on before, underwater, etc. there may be extra charges. If you are in doubt about the practicality of repairing your amp, please call first. You will be advised of any extra charges BEFORE the work is done.

Packing: life is too short to deal with styrofoam peanuts. Also, blocks or sheets of styrofoam shred small bits that get into controls and tube sockets. For this reason, I will NOT work on any amp that has been packed in styrofoam of any kind. The safest way to ship an amp is to screw it down to a piece of plywood, or attach very heavy cardboard across the bottom to protect it during shipment. Suggested packing materials are bubble wrap, foam rubber, wadded newspapers, cardboard, etc. Do NOT pack your amp in a wood box or crate! Remember that it has to survive a round trip which will include mishandling by the carrier both ways.

A through I mono amps $200
Tube type stereo amps from J through TI series $275
Solid state stereo amps from MM-1 through R-83 $295

Countertops $80
Pre-war through 1454  $190
(Certain pre-war amps require a preamp, add $75, call first)
1455-up Mono amps  $200
All Stereo amps through 474 (48350)  $235
Limited work on 52280 and 54510 due to parts availability, CALL

All Mono amps $200
SHFA-1  $395
SHFA-2  $375
SHFA-3  $275
SHFA-4 & 5  $235
All other Stereo amps  $235

TSR-3 & 6; TSU-1 thru 7  $200 (add $85 for stepper service)
TEU board (models K & L) $185
DCC models  $150
SCC models  $130
TCC models  $200
WSR-5 & 7  $200

P10 through early 1080  $190
Models 660, 661, or 771  $250
All Mono amps including late 1080 with Cobra setup  $200
Stereo amps through 3600 (553 amp)  $235
Not servicing the 556 amp at this time

Please note that return shipping is EXTRA.